Collegial behavior rules within the German Carillon Association (Deutsche Glockenspielvereinigung e. V.)

1. The members try for constructive co-operation, among each other as well as with responsible institutions. Collegiality should also be kept in publications.

2. Contact person for activities of all kind at a certain carillon is, in any case, the carillonneur that is responsible for this carillon. The members must not take advantage of institutions at any disadvantage of the responsible carillonneur.

3. The members should not apply for an occupation at a certain carillon, neither should they seem to do so, nor should they hold conversations about such an occupation, nor should they try to procure such an occupation for a pupil or a colleague, as long as another carillonneur is responsible for this carillon.

4. The members observe all copyrights during their activities as a carillonneur. They also must not pass the work of other members off as their own, nor publish such a work without the permission of the author, nor offer it for sale.

On violation of these rules the executive board of the association will investigate the affair and take appropriate measures to settle the controversy in a collegial way.

Decided on September 7, 1991 in Kassel

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